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This website and the webmaster do not collect any traceable information about its visitors. Contributors, for example people who sent information to the website, will be mentioned on this site. If for any reason you don't want to be mentioned or you want to be mentioned with an alias, please contact me and I will change it.

It is possible however that third parties, like Google, add cookies to your browser and read those cookies when you visit this website. Cookies are small files placed on your computer to remember settings or log in details for websites you visit. Cookies can also be used to store (anonymous) information about websites you visited. Overall, cookies are harmless files and you can't directly be linked to the content of the cookie.
The cookies placed by third parties when you visit this website are generally used to:

Monitoring purposes
Gather anonymous and cumulated information about site traffic, which can be used for future development of the website. No individual can be directly related to the data that's been gathered. These cookies are used by Motigo Webstats and Google Analytics.

Some cookies make it possible to offer you ads that fit with your general interests, based upon the websites you visited. For this purpose Google uses DART-cookies. You can opt out for these cookies here.

It's also possible other external suppliers and advertisers use cookies for the purpose of offering you advertisements that fit your interests. You can opt out from receiving these cookies by going to the website of the specific third party, or you could opt out for these cookies here.

Affiliate programs
This website is affiliate to some third parties, like Aliexpress.com. For these affiliate programs cookies can be stored in your browser.

Other cookies
Other cookies are necessary for features of this site to function properly, like the cookies Twitter (to make it possible for you to follow the Twitter account of this website) and Facebook (to enable you to use the 'like button' on this website) use.

Disable all cookies
If you don't want any cookies installed on your computer, you can also disable the acceptance of cookies in your browser settings. Please do keep in mind however, that not accepting cookies might influence the performance of this site and other websites.